Our Story

Soon after Joel Jolley graduated from pharmacy school, optimistic but broke, he partnered with Mr. Charlie King. A $6 open sign made them business partners and began the exciting journey to become the Jolley’s that you know and love today.

King-Jolley Rexall Drug started in 1954, on the corner of 900 East and 900 South in Salt Lake City. It didn’t take long for this small venture to become a staple business in the heart of Sugarhouse. Fourteen years later, in 1968, Joel bought out Mr. King and the business became known as Jolley’s Rexall Drug. For eight years Jolley’s Rexall Drug served the community and in 1976 the name Jolley’s Corner was established.

In the mid 80's Jolley's Pharmacy began a new service - customized compounding of medications. Jolley's was the first pharmacy to bring the service of compounding to Utah. Each of the pharmacies now compound at all locations and continue to work closely with doctors and patients to improve the quality of medical services.

All of Joel’s children worked at Jolley’s as they grew up and developed their own passion for pharmacy and serving the community. His three oldest sons, Mardy, Dean, and Bryce continued with the pharmacy business and helped expand to multiple locations. In 1991 the Jolley brothers bought the building on the corner of 1300 South and 1700 East. The first of their business ventures at this location was a Top Hat Video store complete with a one of a kind theater room. It quickly became the Friday night gathering place for the neighborhood.

Jolley’s Gift, Floral and Pharmacy is proud to be serving the community in which it was originally established and looks forward to onward progression, growth, and commitment to its customers.

So, come on in and grab a Coke or pick up a neighbor gift. Stop by for a snow cone, sit and chat awhile.

We’re here for you and hope you’ll join us!