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More Jolley's Monday

 Our favorite time of year is here!

Come join us for More Jolley's Mondays. Every Monday June 6th-September 26th we will have our favorite food trucks at our shop from 5-8:30pm.

So come grab dinner and a snow cone from The Shack. Checkout our Summer lineup below and we'll see you soon! 

Walk-Ins Are Welcome!

Santa loves walk-ins and will be at Jolley's the following days and times

Wednesday, December 14th from 1-6 PM

Thursday, December 15th from 1-6 PM

Friday, December 16th from 1-6 PM

Saturday, December 17th from 12-6 PM

Monday, December 19th from 12-6 PM

Tuesday, December 20th from 12-6 PM

Wednesday, December 21st from 12-6 PM

Thursday, December 22nd from 12-6 PM

Friday, December 23rd from 12-6 PM

Saturday, December 24th from 9:30 AM-12:30 PM